Wealth Management Partnership Launches

Vertex Planning Partners / Press Releases / August 3, 2016

(Chicago, IL) August 4, 2016 – Vertex Planning Partners, a Midwest-based wealth management firm, successfully launched as a new financial advisory institution focusing on holistic generational planning in a collaborative culture for high net work clientele. The newly formed company becomes one of the largest independent wealth management firms in the Midwest, managing over $400 million of assets.

With offices in Downers Grove and Elmhurst, Illinois, Vertex Planning Partners is wealth management partnership between Brad Schaffnit, owner of HighPoint Advisor Group, Michael Bellis, formerly Bellis & Associates, and Greg Benner, who was a partner at Redwood Financial Network.

“Our group came together as a result of a shared realization- wealth management for today’s high-net worth families is increasingly about integrating the many facets of a family’s life into a cohesive, actionable plan,” said Brad Schaffnit, co-founder and Managing Partner. “Our challenge was to build a new organization that embraces this new paradigm and continue to innovate and grow.”

Vertex Planning Partners brings over 20-years of generational wealth planning and wealth management experience to this new firm. The philosophy of this new firm is guided by the principle of bringing the right people together, in a collaborative effort, to deliver a plan that will helps its clients experience the futures they desire.

“We are transitioning from a product oriented world to an advice and idea oriented world,” said Mike Bellis, co-founder and Managing Partner. “We have built a team that benefits from a diverse set of experiences, knowledge, and understanding. What is unique is that we are able to bring that intellectual capital to the table to create holistic wealth management solutions for our clients.”

To achieve financial freedom, Vertex Planning Partners has developed its own proven, multi-stage roadmap for client planning called, PATHTM. PATHTM is a wealth management process that combines collaborative financial planning with a deeper understanding of client needs.  It guides the overall design, implementation and monitoring of strategies to achieve the wealth management goals for each client.

“This merger offered us an opportunity to scrutinize and re-engineer our processes to ensure we deliver a consistent wealth management experience, ensuring our clients genuinely benefit from the shared expertise in our group,” added Greg Benner, co-founder and Managing Partner. “Collaboration has to be intentional and a result of a deliberate, systematic processes. The PATHTM process has been successful in achieving this and we are eager to bring these additional wealth management resources to our client’s financial lives.”

Vertex Planning Partners offers securities through LPL Financial, while HighPoint Advisor Group will offer investment advice. For more information on Vertex Planning Partners, visit their website,

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