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Medicare Options During Retirement

Vertex Planning Partners / Planning, Resources, Retirement / May 13, 2021

Americans 65 years of age and older face a number of choices when it comes to Medicare healthcare coverage. We look at the top considerations. Medicare is available to virtually all U.S. citizens and legal residents 65 years of age and over who have previously worked and paid U.S. taxes or who are/were married to […]

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4 Financial Planning Strategies during a Market Downturn

Vertex Planning Partners / Investing, Planning, Retirement, Tax Changes / May 7, 2020

During periods of market volatility, it is very normal to pay close attention to your portfolio while putting other aspects of your financial life on hold.  However, there are many important planning items that should not be overlooked during these times.  Here are a four planning ideas that can be implemented during market downturns that […]

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3 Wealth Transfer Strategies to Help with Changes to the “Stretch IRA”

Vertex Planning Partners / Estate Planning, Planning, Retirement, Tax Changes / March 13, 2020

Since the passing of the SECURE Act, many account holders of IRAs are concerned for the tax burden on their heirs since the abandonment of the so-called “Stretch IRA.” Below we highlight 3 potential wealth transfer planning opportunities that we may discuss with our clients: Life Insurance Due to the loss of the ‘stretch’, it […]

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The SECURE Act: What It Is and How It Will Impact Retirement

Vertex Planning Partners / Planning, Resources, Retirement, Tax Changes / January 14, 2020

The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act, passed in December 2019, includes many bi-partisan reforms that increase access to workplace plans and expand retirement savings. The retirement legislation includes policy changes that will impact defined contribution (DC) plans, defined benefit (DB) plans, individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and 529 plans. Below are two […]

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Make A Dream, A Reality

Vertex Planning Partners / Planning, Retirement / November 11, 2019

Retiring Abroad? Have you Imagined it? Are you considering it? It’s a pretty exciting dream that a lot of us think about, but, could it really be a reality? Yes. With good planning and a smart look at your current financial view, retirement abroad has become a “real” reality for many of our clients. What […]

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How Inflation Threatens Retirees

Vertex Planning Partners / Planning, Retirement / October 10, 2019

Its effect is subtle, yet significant. In retirement, you face a quiet financial threat. Over time, inflation may erode your purchasing power. Even mild inflation eventually reduces the value of a dollar. If consumer prices rise just 2% a year for the next 25 years, $50,000 will buy the equivalent of $30,477 by the end […]

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