Your Roadmap: The Path

Vertex Planning Partners / Resources / June 7, 2019

In all of years we have combined in this business, we have had many conversations with clients about their hopes and dreams of where they see themselves in 5, 10 or even 20 years. Whether it is retirement, a vacation home purchase or walking their daughter down the aisle, we have been there to help them plan for those life goals. It is this mission that lead use to develop a more defined, more robust way of planning then other traditional financial advisors. A way to help guide our clients to major milestones and reach those goals with a clearly defined road map.

The PATH is the process that we employ to assist our clients in developing this roadmap. It is designed to understand, uncover and crystallize your goals, and then lead you in the design, implementation and monitoring of strategies to achieve them. The PATH consists of four core principles:


Every journey we embark on with clients begins by developing a personalized understanding – tapping into a broader awareness of our clients’ values, concerns and ambitions, beyond the balance sheet. By genuinely listening, our team builds a secure foundation for a trusted and enduring relationship that deepens over time.


Assessing the goals and values of clients is an “art” as much as a science. An accurate assessment of needs involves reviewing financial documents and performing technical analysis, but also asking insightful questions, understanding emotional and family dynamics, and clarifying personal goals. During this phase, we engage clients in a carefully designed discovery process. Our process explores and documents the financial, behavioral, psychological, and emotional factors that influence decision making and the setting of goals.


In today’s complex world, understanding the myriad of tax, legal, investment, and personal issues a client faces has become increasingly challenging. Our team embraces a collaborative model that brings together experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds to benefit from multiple insights. We combine this knowledge with powerful technology to construct a concise, written plan that outlines a definitive course of action for our clients. This approach enables us to create customized solutions unique to every client, focused on delivering outcomes that reflect the values and goals of those we serve.


The goal of achieving financial peace of mind is unique to every individual and changes with every stage in life. Our team’s approach to delivering a holistic financial strategy integrates all aspects of a client’s life together, so that every element – family, community, spiritual and financial – are working in harmony with one another. This approach delivers an integrated and adaptable life plan converting hopes and dreams into confident realities.

So, whether it is a vacation home, a trip down the aisle, retirement or all the above, our goal is to provide you the PATH to get there. We work with YOU every step of the way to deliver financial peace of mind…however YOU define it.