Pay It Forward

Vertex Planning Partners / Planning, Retirement / January 18, 2023

Looking To Teach a Child Some Important Money Lessons? Consider a Roth Custodial IRA. You started early and have saved hard in your 401(k). You’ve also paid close attention to your investing strategy over the years. And you definitely understand the benefits of tax-deferred compounding over the long term and the potential for growth. Heck, […]

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Webinars: Tax Planning & Investment Solutions

Vertex Planning Partners / Planning, Tax Changes / October 27, 2022

Don’t miss our Two Part Series to help prepare you for your 2022 taxes. Part 1: Inflation Reduction Act & Tax Planning Considerations for 2022 Tuesday, Nov 1 @ 3pm – RECORDING TO COME Steve Franzen, CPA, PFS, CGMA will be leading the discussion outlining parts of the Inflation Reduction Act that may impact your […]

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Taking a Hike

Vertex Planning Partners / Investing, Resources / October 11, 2022

Four ways interest Rate Hikes Can Affect Your Finances Unless you live on another planet, you are fully aware of this thing called inflation — whether you’re at the grocery store, a gas station, buying clothes online, hiring a contractor or doing almost any other thing that requires spending money for something. Earlier this year, […]

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Eliminate the Guesswork

Vertex Planning Partners / Estate Planning, Planning, Retirement / July 14, 2022

Creating an estate plan is a key component of achieving financial wellness Most people don’t spend too much time thinking about end-of-life planning on a daily basis. But you may have loved ones who will soon face those issues. While it’s not pleasant to think about, you may be the one who ends up having […]

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The Many Faces of Risk

Vertex Planning Partners / Planning, Resources / March 14, 2022

Knowing the different types of investment risk can help you cope with market volatility. When was the last time you checked your retirement plan balance? If your balance was less than it was the last time you checked, you probably felt a bit of pain. Everybody does. Where exactly does that pain come from? It’s […]

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Money Mantras

Vertex Planning Partners / Planning, Resources / February 14, 2022

Market swings causing you some anxiety? These four money mantras can help you overcome it. Whether it’s the continuing presence of the COVID-19 pandemic, a sudden boost in prices related to gas, food, housing and other essentials, supply chain hiccups, an uncertain labor market (or any number of other things), the stock market has certainly […]

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Easy Reference Tax Guide

Vertex Planning Partners / Resources / February 10, 2022

With tax season upon us, we wanted to share an Easy Reference Tax Guide for 2022. Included are the brackets for: 2022 Estate & Gift Tax Rates Traditional and Roth IRAs Qualified Plans Personal Tax Items Income Tax Education Incentive Social Security Required Minimum Distributions SEE THE TAX GUIDE>  

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Aspire Planning Group merges with Vertex Partners

Vertex Planning Partners / Press Releases / January 27, 2022

DOWNERS GROVE, IL – JANUARY 13, 2022– Vertex Partners is excited to announce a strategic merger with Aspire Planning Group of Grayslake, IL. The Managing Partners of Vertex Partners, Greg Benner, Mike Bellis and Brad Schaffnit have had an ongoing relationship with Julie Hupp, President of Aspire Planning Group for over seven years.  “By joining […]

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Find Your Happy Place

Vertex Planning Partners / Uncategorized / January 24, 2022

Follow these three tips to help reach a state of happiness on a daily basis. Do you find that happiness is hard to come by on some days? With all the challenges of the past year, it’s sometimes just easier to find imperfections in everything and let crankiness rule your day. However, if you want […]

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Go to the Head of the Class

Vertex Planning Partners / Planning, Retirement / November 11, 2021

Master these Social Security lessons to get a more realistic view of your retirement. According to Nationwide’s 8th Annual Social Security Consumer Survey, more than half of Americans express confidence that they know exactly how to optimize their Social Security benefits. However, only 6% actually understand all the factors that determine the maximum benefit someone […]

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